Obama Care

Obama Care, affordable health care for all! All of who though? I know many people who couldn’t afford health care before and will not be able too now. With that stress already on these families lives, now comes the fine for not having it. So how is this for everyone. Why won’t our government listen to the masses. Why won’t they let us, the people, vote on this? I haven’t met one sane person who thinks this is good for anyone. Why is our government so hell bent on screwing us over. Our people need to rise up and speak. We used to be a country of lions, now we are mostly sheep being lead to the slaughter. America is my country and I love it, but our government is full of greedy dick heads. It saddens me. Breaks my heart to see the direction we are going. I am appalled at the amount of men and women so blind to the real issues. Almost every time I meet someone and speak on real issues all they can do is repeat back CNN quotes they saw recently. Where are all the pissed off Americans. Why aren’t they speaking out. Facebook rants are all I see. People need to wake up. Be mad. Get furious and pissed off. I am.


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